Sunday, January 20, 2013

Himalayan Salt Lamps for ILC

If you are an ILC client, you know my office is in my home.  This comes with pros and cons, but I think mostly pros.  Being able to take clients in between doing dishes and paying the bills, as well as being home with my homeschooled high school student is a pro for me.  Having parents occasionally glance into my kitchen and see the dirty dishes is a con.  Being greeted at the door by my big black lab is usually a pro for children.  I call Evan my "therapy dog" because he makes children feel comfortable and is always willing to sit quietly with a child for petting while adults are talking and "being boring." Moms and dads enjoy the comfortable seating in my living room/office while they watch us work.  (Extremely exhausted moms, have been known to dose briefly in my easy chair.)  I've had moms tell me, "It's just so relaxing in here," which I take as a high complement.  
My goal is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for both children and adults.  I've decorated with natural earth tones rather than bright colors which can be overly stimulating, and I use natural full spectrum lighting.  I love my light bulbs from Dr. Mercola which I purchased to combat the "winter blues."  I could tell a noticeable difference when I started using them last year.  It was the first winter I can remember in awhile in which I didn't feel desperate for spring.  These light bulb are quite different from other "full spectrum" lighting.  They are designed to improve mood, concentration, sleep, immunity, energy, learning, and vision. 

While these are all desirable benefits, I do realize some children are sensitive to bright lighting (and these lights are very bright - like sunlight).  One parent shared with me today that she felt the lighting was overly stimulating for her child with sensory processing difficulties.  One reason I like to work in partnership with parents is so I can combine my knowledge of various intervention techniques with parents' innate and experiential knowledge of their own children, so I'm happy when parents share their insights with me. 

Fortunately, I do have a back-up reduced lighting plan which, as of yesterday, includes my new Himalayan salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air which help counteract the detrimental effects of the positive ions that bombarded us from electronic equipment.  This "electronic air pollution" can cause nervousness, stress, sleep problems, concentration problems and free radical damage to our bodies.  Salt lamps not only provide health benefits, the big glowing hunks of salt are a fun addition to my earthy decor.

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