Wednesday, February 27, 2013

100 Thank Yous

Do you ever feel that too much of your day is spent telling your children what to do and what NOT to do?  Do you find yourself saying,

No, put that shoe on the other foot.
Go blow your nose.
Did you wash your hands?
Don't run.
Hurry up.
Slow down.
Don't talk like that to your sister.
Be nice and share.
Button your shirt.
Comb your hair.
Don't pull the cat's tail.
You didn't finish cleaning your room.
Wipe your feet.
Pick up your clothes.
and on, and on, and on.......?

Would you prefer that your child think more independently and make good choices for him or herself?  Nancy Rowe, founder of NeuroNet Learning, has recently created a very short FREE e-book with a simple system of "catching" children doing well and reinforcing behavior with a simple touch, eye contact and a specific thank you.  The book comes with printable one month chart to help parents develop a new pattern of behavior as they are teaching their children new behavioral patterns.
I have recently started asking parents to add this supplement to their NeuroNet program (although any parent can use this with our without NeuroNet).  Here is feedback I received from a parent:

Just since Thurs. evening, I have been working this Thank You thing. Amazing. Boys are nicer to each other. They are more willing to serve the household. They are looking for ways to get more praise! THANK YOU!!!!!   And, you have no idea how the sibling issues and rude comments had escalated the past few months. I was at my wit's end trying to come up with something to get a change.
This is so EASY and WORKS! Just in 2 days!!!!!!!  (mother of WB)
You can download the free e-book, 100 Thank Yous, here.

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