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(my son) brought home a progress report last Friday and these were his grades:
Language arts 99     Math 93     Reading 99!!      Science 100       Social studies 100

Wow!! Just wanted you to know. Thanks for all your help! I know part of the picture is self confidence and he is sky high right now in that regard. He told me the other day that "it is like I just cranked up my smarts and I'm smart now!" As we've talked about, one of my concerns was that he would label himself so young as either "not smart" or a "bad reader." So I am thrilled to see him confident in his abilities. I know that is a big part of it for him.

Carrie (mother of 4th grader)
I was doing several rhythmic movements with (my son) this morning before co-op (to help him wake up), so (my daughter) was observing and then said, "My turn!"
She let me do 3 different motions with her and seemed to enjoy it.
Then........we had THE BEST morning we've had ALL YEAR!!!!
She was 100% cooperative ---- we worked on all sorts of things, and her handwriting was great.
We took a walk before lunch, and she became crabby and defiant during the walk.  This shows me it's not simple exercise that is effective with her mood and behavior -- it is specifically the rhythmic movements.  I'm a believer!!!

-Martha  (14 year old son with learning disabilities and young daughter with Down syndrome)

I really appreciate you and think you are God sent and God led. You are more than just a person we see once a week. You are part of the treatment team necessary for my son's progress and future. You are my encourager, my researcher, my coach, my trusted advisor. Thank you.

Just wanted to share a success story with you. I have been adding back in some spelling and handwriting with (my daughter). This morning, she completely amazed me with how well she could spell words I dictated and more amazingly, her penmanship!! These are both such huge improvements and just made my day! It's really nice when you can actually "see" improvements!

-Michele (mother of 8 year old)

Huge things going on with (my son).... calmer, less argumentative, amiable, improved handwriting, incredible focus for homework and schoolwork....I am really enjoying spending quality time with him again.

- Jennifer (report from mother of 7 year old after 2 months of movement and nutrition intervention)

I am so proud of my daughter and pleased with how well she is doing. I have to say that last night was a major eye opener when she was reading to me! She chose to read a book that we haven't read in a long time (usually she pick the same old books) and I was so impressed with how quickly she read some of the words that I didn't expect her to read. Essentially, she is READING! 

She used to read the easy sight words and stop whenever a word with more than about 4 letters would appear. I would then read that word and she would go for a short bit. Then she would say she was tired and ask me to read the rest. When it was my turn to read to her last night, I could tell that she was actually following along with the words that I was reading. She even showed me where I had stopped reading when I briefly lost my place. 

I cannot praise you and Carolyn* enough for all of your expertise and time! This year, my daughter is actually "working" to learn and I am so proud of her. I think she is dicovering the fun of it thanks to you guys and the team at Jefferson Elementary.

- Amy (report on 10 year old daughter after 4 months of NeuroNet and reading instruction)

*Carolyn is a wonderful college student who was hired by this student's parents to help implement their daughter's daily program from Integrated Learning Connections and to assist with homework.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With my daughter’s learning difficulties, it felt like there was a huge piece missing from a jigsaw puzzle and no one could tell me what it was. I knew she was smart, her vision exam from the ophthalmologist was normal; her cognitive processing seemed fine as long as she was asked questions instead of reading them. She was a C/D student and would cringe when receiving scores on her tests. How could she get a D on her test when the night before she verbally answered several questions accurately?
After seeing many specialists, (including having her tested through an educational examiner who determined that she may have visual perceptual problems), Dr. Shue discovered my daughter had an over-convergence issue. He prescribed prism glasses which seemed to help a great deal. He also suggested calling Lisa for visual skills training which I did.
... I am very excited to say that now, she is an A/B student and spends much less time on her homework/studies than she used to. She no longer needs me to study with her either!
I am so thankful to Lisa and Dr. Shue for finding the large piece of the puzzle that was missing. I am confident my daughter will succeed academically, thanks to them!
I asked my daughter how vision skills training helped her the most and this was her comment:
"I don't have to go back and re-read sentences and paragraphs again and again. I don't skip words anymore when I read."

The same mother wrote later: 
I have thought so many times how grateful I have been that you provided such a great learning experience for (my daughter). I truly credit you, along with Dr. Shue, with her success now. 
I wanted to let you know that she is taking an AP class now and has just been asked to be in the National Honor Society. A few years ago, I just hoped she would get a "D" instead of an "F" on a test!
I feel so blessed that Dr. Shue recommended you and I truly believe you have made a HUGE difference in (my daughter's) life. I am confident she will enter whatever profession she chooses with success.
Thank you, again, Lisa!!!!

-Laurie (12 year old daughter)
Two years ago, my family was driving (some distance) every week for vision therapy for my son... Three months later, I desperately began searching for (a closer) alternative. After several phone calls, I was given Lisa's name and phone number. What an answer to prayer she is!

Lisa helped our son improve his visual skills. Because of that, he can now read. Beyond that, Lisa gave him resources to help him relax and focus when academics seem overwhelming. She taught him strategies for math, reading, and spelling that have been very beneficial. He is now, as a seventh grader, able to work independently for the first time. 

I am happy to answer questions and offer encouragement to any parent of a struggling student. I know how overwhelming it feels!

– Tracy (11 year old son)
"Flexible and ends-oriented" These have been the two most essential factors of Lisa that have driven success for my child in surmounting vision obstacles and yielding better educational success. No matter what curves we threw - attitude, time commitment, failure to do homework, etc, Lisa made each lesson valuable for my child.

– Meredith (12 year old daughter)

My son has been having problems with academics since Pre-kindergarten. He is now in 2nd grade. I kept asking the schools to test him to see why he was not enjoying school and was crying and begging not to go. He was tested in 1st grade, and we found that he had a vision developmental delay problem. We were recommended to Lisa Lipe through Dr. Shue’s office. It has been incredible the difference in his academics because of working with Lisa. He is enjoying school and his grades show it too.

- Susan (7 year old son)

Lisa Lipe came highly recommended by one of our good friends who is a speech pathologist, as well as the school where our daughter attended. Lisa has a great rapport with the kids and our daughter would look forward to the lessons. Lisa’s knowledge of both a healthy diet, physical exercise for neurological development, and the lessons that can be taught to help our daughter learn were excellent. I learned a lot just by observing some of the sessions. I had many moments of “why didn’t I think of that”, when she was teaching our daughter certain learning techniques. She does it in such a way that our daughter really enjoyed it and her level of learning increased dramatically in a relatively short time. Our daughter is quite disappointed that she no longer is going to see her!

-Mike (8 year old daughter)

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