Rhythmic Movement Training

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) is a program of developmental exercises designed to integrate retained, or underdeveloped, infant reflexes (also called primitive reflexes or neo-natal reflexes) that are involved in learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, writing problems, focusing and comprehension challenges, co-ordination difficulties and Asperger’s Syndrome. It has also been found helpful for people with anxiety, panic, emotional imbalances, behavioral problems, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, psychosis, PTSD and general overwhelm.

RMT is based on the work of Kerstin Linde, a Swedish movement training specialist, who developed movements based on her observations of how infants are meant to move. Dr Harald Blomberg, a Swedish psychiatrist, met Kerstin in the mid-1980s and started to use the movements with his patients and found that they had profound effects. He also met Peter Blythe of INPP in Chester UK at about the same time and started to investigate the role of retained primitive reflexes in learning challenges. Moira Dempsey, an Australian Educational and Developmental kinesiologist became interested in the role of retained reflexes in learning and behavioral challenges in the mid 1990’s. She met Dr Blomberg in 2003 and started using the movements with herself and her clients and noticed remarkable results. In 2011 Harald and Moira released the RMT book Movements that Heal.

More information can be found at Rhythmic Movement Training International


  1. Hi Lisa- I have been reading a few of your blog posts today. Really like what I am reading. I am an OT taking my INPP test this coming weekend. Am also working on my own website to spread the word and gather research about learning, reflexes, etc. I'd love to use this description you have here about RMT and how Peter Blythe, Harald Blomberg and Moira Dempsey are connected. Thanks so much for all your information.

  2. Hi Jana,

    So glad you are finding my articles helpful. My blog/website has been useful in letting potential clients know what they might expect from me, but I have been very negligent about continuing to post. As you can see, I haven't blogged at all this year. I don't remember exactly where I got the above information. I expect I summarized something from the book Movements that Heal, but I can't locate my copy right now. Might have loaned it out. It's a very helpful book for anyone who is interested in knowing more about RMT. You are welcome to use the information. I suggest you put in a link to Rhythmic Movement International and/or Movements that Heal. No need to reference me as this is not original information. Best wishes with your test! It is always exciting to hear about OT training in these things.

  3. Oops! I left off an "s." I meant to say it is exciting to hear about OTs (such as yourself) getting training in reflex integration.